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Jr [08 Aug 2011|10:30pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Alot has gone down since my last post.

my mother is reconnected with an old friend (aka hanzel)
hanzel is trying to save up money to get dorthy an engagement ring, also dorthy is having another baby. its another girl, her name will be morgan. so that makes 2 so far for them. Also he has rental homes there now.
toshio is still going on this crazy mission which today he call our mom (kalgare) mom today! which was shocking for the fact he always calls her kalgare. long story behind that one, plus mom got a nice long hug out of him which is rare too. wonder if he is feeling down today
cresma and ash's divorce is final, ash gets the kids during the week, cresma gets the on weekends and summer months. Which ash is now dating a girl and cresma is still lost and confused about dating again. oh which during the whole divorce crap, ash is pregnant for the 4th time now. so yeah.
gabriel is getting weird with being pregnant himself. like very clingy which gives me no time to my man but i guess its for the greater good.
talked to eric today about how he is still unsure about the whole bisexual, gay, lesbian stuff. which is funny but he is also on the extremes of old school compared to alot of us. he doesnt deny the fact that some of his kids are gay (sam being step child, thuban being bisexual, and judian being a drag queen) and well si is in the mix somewhere in there. i know he will never stop loving his kids he just understand the interest of the same sex. which is fine and dandy.
oh also my mom had twins recently judas and lily with her new husband which she didnt invite ANYONE to the aloping process at all!!!! they got married on fathers day. which she said she is tired of big weddings, she has been married now for a 4th time, why do i need a big wedding. she has a point but still mad at her for it.
OOOOOOO get this toshio has taken a vow of non-sex (Cant spell the proper word for it so fuck off) which i know is extremely hard for him considering he is a sex addict. like there is no other word for it but sex addict. now in theory judian has taken this vow too. our worry is with judian, because toshio is very much a religious man and does take his job seriously as a priest. so we know he wont break it, might kill him in the end but he wont break it. Also toshio is scruffy! like wow.
Plus found out that my mom is trying to push sakura into marriage with laris, not really pushing, hinting is more of the word. She gets all fustrated at her. Also found out she has a crush on toshio (now if anyone knows this damn family and knows who sakura is, she is toshio's little sister half sister.) which toshio's response was "im gay, like fart rainbows, sneeze the color pink, have a swish in my walk fucking gay" which i know there is no changing that on his part. sakura is young still she just turned 17...well no she will be turning 18 in like 5 ish month. well anyway.
And we have found out why my father acts up the way he does. he needs a wife to keep him in line. its how he has viewed women all his life, even tho he cheats on them with other men. he needs a wife apparently. So any takers on the orginal prince of darkness....real pain in the ass! hahahhahaha

I'm pretty sure that sums up everything if not...i will be back on here in like another few days if i missed anything, sorry it took so long for me to post something again, it usually involves dialog and all but unless you people want to read 26 pages worth of bullshit sure! i will post it. Also if you have questions just comment or anything of that sort =D

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Toshio [26 Jul 2011|10:16pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

not one to do this. but judian demands that i get some of this pain and grief out of my system. whatever. Not sure what he is talking about with pain and grief. The shit that gets to me that he was stupid enough to sleep around while pregnant. Isabella isnt mine, oh and premature. He blames me for her being early, if he wasnt stupid then she wouldnt have been early. Claudia doesnt get it that Isabella is way to fragile right now. If anyone has a child about Claudia's age please she needs a play mate right now. She doesnt like daddy's attention taken away from her. I dont blame her, she was my first. She the girl i love the most in life, isabella i love her as well. But the pissy man wants me to throw the child at judian and just beat him with her. sounds horrible but in all reality i would never do that. Oh plus judian is acting like nothing every happen to us. with all the fighting and him back stabbing me. Which the man has been in my skull and he doesnt get why im upset. Im hoping he will realize what he has done to me.
Also restricted to just calling Gabriel, on his behalf. He says its hard to refuse such a piece of work what it wants. I dont even know what that means! I do miss him, even if its just visiting and joking around with him. I know what he means when he says its suppose to be me and judian, always. I get it now and yes I will try my hardest to crush these feelings but easier said then done moment. Im sure Dragon wants my balls for it as well.
Also will be leaving Near the end of September, at least i will be around for Claudia's first birthday. Cant believe its been a year. Like shit and going to possibly miss out on the next year with her. Fuck. I dont know if posting on facebook will happen while gone. Or much communication with much of anything will happen. Just fair warning.
Worried about leaving the girls with Judian. I know he will have Eliza, Eric and Kalgare to help him with anything but still worries me. He was great with Claudia. Isabella might be a handful plus him being Queen. Not sure if i should leave the kids with Eliza or Kalgare. But in all reality cant do that either. Eliza has the twins to worry about, and anpu. Anpu looks more and more like Eric everyday! freaky! Then Kalgare has abby who is pregnant at 13 (dumbass) so she has to worry about that child. Then she has patrick, judas and lily. She defiantly has her hands full. I wonder if her and Shaggy will ever do a honeymoon? -shrugs- I dont know and dont truly care.
Realized I have other's spying on this. and there like what about this issue or this one. fuck off! Damn. People need to learn how to leave me the fuck alone! Going to give my pussy to Kalgare. Kami doesnt like the kids, nor does she like judian. Well I could give her to Cresma but there are so many complications on his side now. Ash is just like Sireana its scary. Need to socialize more but not right now. I dont need people knowing the king is going to a certain death mission. Plus dont need people to know what i look like right now anyway.
If i wasnt so blonde, i would be silver right now! This is the first and last time you will see me post something like this. Gabriel says he is proud of me for putting up this much of my dirty lundry and judian is all pissed off at me for bitching about him. My life is him, i wish he would realize that.

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July 11th [12 Jul 2011|01:01am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

July 11, 2011

Nurses sitting at the counter doing nothing when there are like 15 people needing help, there are like 5 nurses there*
Gabriel comes out of the room from where toshio is at, its either nasty baby smell or whatever he is wearing. Totally doesn’t make it to the bathroom, ends up throwing up*
Nurses look over and ignore him*
Gabriel has one hand on wall, holding on for dear life*
Yoshi walks over to the nurses and looks at all the people and this blond woman with puke at her feet* um what the hell is going on?
Nurse* eh nothing alarming
Gabriel ends up throwing up again*
Yoshi* lets see your all fired! *walks away and checks on gabriel * ma’am?
Gabriel his hair all up in his face covering who he is*
Yoshi* ok *kind of makes gabriel stand up, and gets him into a chair* I will get you a can ok
Gabriel just nods, feels awful*
Yoshi gets a someone to clean this stuff up, then calls anikano and koko down here, gives gabriel a stainless steel can*
Gabriel just nasty feeling and ends up throwing up again*
Yoshi looks at the patients* is anyone bleeding?
Lady* yes I cut my thumb
Yoshi gets some gloves and walks over to the lady, pulls the paper towels off her thumb to look at it. Gently pulls the skin back and it starts to bleed really bad* ok *puts the paper towel back on it * I will be right back
Anikano makes her way down there, looks around at the patients then looks at the nurses standing there* um what the hell is going on?
Nurse* um your ass of a husband fired all of us and that’s not going to fly
Anikano* why are all the patients sitting here not getting treated!?
Nurse* because none of them are dying
Anikano* none of the er rooms are full or anything, get them in there, page some damn doctors you morons! Get out of my hospital!
Nurse* its your husbands hospital
Anikano grabs the nurse by her scrub* you the fuck out of my hospital, you have been fired. And I will call the cops because at this point your trespassing!
Nurse* oh please
Anikano drags her out of the hospital, the other nurses left*
Koko there, starts helping patients*
Yoshi takes the one woman into the closest room, closes the door for the moment, oddly uses some super glue and patches the woman up*
Lady* glue really?
Yoshi* well it’s a knife cut so even if I used butterfly stitches or stitches if wouldn’t heal all that great, glue does come in handy. And well with how quickly skin grows, you’ll be fine *smiles and lets the glue dry and then simply puts a bandaid on it* your all set
Lady smiles* thank you
Yoshi leaves the room. Goes back to gabriel sees the janitor cleaning* thank you
Janitor* you pay me too good to leave
Yoshi* good *helps gabriel up and takes him to the bathroom *
Gabriel holds onto the can, feels horrible*
Yoshi helps this nice lady into the bathroom*
Gabriel looks at his name tag realizes its his uncle!!!! Just groans*
Yoshi* do you need help? I can get a hair band for you?
Gabriel just leans over the toilet and just all down hill*
Yoshi leaves for a moment and gets a shot for her*
Gabriel moves away from him*
Yoshi* it will help you
Gabriel gets his breath* im pregnant
Yoshi* oh its ok, it wont do anything…how far along are you?
Gabriel* 3 months
Yoshi* oh congratulations
Gabriel ends up puking again*
Yoshi* you know its amazing how much comes out *gives gabriel the shot *
Gabriel just takes it, thinks it might have been something toshio was wearing. Holy shit would never think something like that would trigger him*
Yoshi rubs his back*
Gabriel feels it pretty quickly, breathes* so how have you been?
Yoshi looks at her confused* what?
Gabriel removes his face from the toilet, and pulls his hair back to one side*
Yoshi shrugs* I don’t know
Gabriel* one of jr’s kids
Yoshi* oh my im sorry! I don’t keep up with much of anything anymore
Gabriel* I see that
Yoshi* sorry
Gabriel* its fine…its hard to keep up with him in general
Yoshi* yeah
Gabriel* thank you
Yoshi* sorry again
Gabriel* its all good
Yoshi* I have others to attend to, will you be ok
Gabriel sitting on the floor leaning on the wall* yeah I should be good
Yoshi* ok *gets up and goes back to the other patients *
Gabriel so odd his uncle helped him*
Anikano calls in some nurses to get this shit done. Goes back to her office* fucking redicilous
Yoshi comes into her office* hi darling
Anikano turns and smiles at him*
Yoshi smiles back, sits down in her chair*
Anikano* mmm are you wanting something?
Yoshi* maybe
Anikano damn this tall bastard. Crawls on the desk*
Yoshi just smiles, clevage*
Anikano reaches down and massages him*
Yoshi leans back and unzips and exposes himself*
Anikano* oh really?
Yoshi* its been a good month, I want some loving!
Anikano blushes alittle and just goes to grab him but leans to far foreward, falls forward and smashes her face into his balls and pinches them on the edge of the chair*
Yoshi jumps in pain and the chair has wheels so wheels away from her and holds himself and in tears right away* ahhh!
Anikano hits his face on the floor, his ass all up in the air* ouch
Yoshi grips the chair arm like its going to save him* fuck woman!
Anikano pulls herself off the desk and rubs her cheek, sits there in front of him* are you ok?
Yoshi* no!!!
Anikano has a nice bruise forming already from that fall. Moves over to him, starts to check him*
Yoshi jumps and squirms* shit!
Anikano* damn I hit it good
Yoshi* ahhh
Anikano sees a nice blood blister* wow
Yoshi* what?
Anikano looking at his balls, gets some serious napkins and pops the blister*
Yoshi lets out a loud yell!*
Anikano* sorry baby
Yoshi griping the chair arms*
Anikano holds napkins there to get the blood, knows it will bleed a good bit*
Holly walks into the office, looks up from her paper, gasp, turns beat red in the face, screams! Runs out!*
Anikano sighs heavily*
Yoshi* it hurts!
Anikano* hold napkins…I will get some ice and pain killer
Yoshi holds the napkins, it hurts!*
Anikano comes back with ice and pain killers*
Yoshi takes the pain killers*
Anikano applies the ice bag to him*
Yoshi wiggles around in the chair*
Anikano just rest her head on his leg.*
Yoshi in tears still, pets her hair* I will live I will be fine….by morning
Anikano sighs heavily, gets up and helps him to his feet*
Yoshi just whimpers*
Anikano fixes himself up and disappears with him to the house and lays him down on their room, on the bed he goes*
Yoshi lays on the bed*
Anikano curls up next to him, keeps the ice on his balls*
Yoshi rubs her back*
Anikano upset really wanted sex. Really trying to get another child out of yoshi.*
Yoshi knows this. Wants to give that to her too. They have only had 3 kids with each other and they have been married beyond what jr and sireana have been married with both of there marriages, thank goodness anikano is his first wife and probably only wife*
Anikano loves him greatly, really wants sex*
Yoshi the pain killers kicking in for him, starts to doze off*
Anikano sad*

Gabriel finally leaves the bathroom after a really good clean up and cleaning some of his hair. Didn’t mean to bitch toshio out but wanted him to know. Wonders if the boy has the ablility to see the future. Cuz could never see his own future and then all the suddenly can. Makes his way back home. Really hopes his words got to toshio. Doesn’t want to be there failure in life. They really are like soulmates. Told him that yeah the last year or 2 has been pretty bad between them but it will get better. Just walking home, amazed how well that drug is working for him. But feels like bloated cuz of it*
Eerie following him*
Gabriel knows this* you know you make me look insane to other people walking by
Eerie comes out to him*
Gabriel looks at him* why do you stalk me?
Eerie shrugs*
Gabriel walks away*
Eerie follows behind him*
Gabriel* tell me why you don’t get along with dragon?
Eerie* he doesn’t care about me
Gabriel rolls his eyes* really? He has tried and not just once, he has tried several times.
Eerie scuffs*
Gabriel stops* look im feeling sick and nasty right now! I just want to go home…you need to get your head out of your ass and try with this man! You two do have a lot in common ok!
Eerie backs away*
Gabriel goes back to walking home*
Eerie follows him, shoves his hands into his pocket* do you think he cares?
Gabriel* yes, if he knew you were even a thought then, things would have been different
Eerie* yeah?
Gabriel* yes…your not the only one abandomed! He is a twin, his father didn’t know there was another baby after flame, so guess what he got left behind…so yeah
Eerie* bullshit
Gabriel* why don’t you ask him yourself
Eerie grumbles*
Gabriel huffs* if you want anything, then work with him first
Eerie* why?
Gabriel turns and looks at him*
Eerie stops, doesn’t say anything*
Gabriel* look I love him and somehow I still have feelings for you. I don’t even know how that works. But he does care, that’s why he tries. So talk to him please!
Eerie* he wants me gone doesn’t he?
Gabriel* he is getting tired of your bullshit!!! He wants to fucking kill you!
Eerie* he doesn’t care if he wants to kill me
Gabriel his heart is racing* you’re a fucking retard! Im trying to help you and keep you alive! And you are like eh he doesn’t care even tho I know he is trying. Im just being a stubborn ass
Eerie glares*
Gabriel if a look could kill eerie would drop dead* done even!
Eerie looks away*
Gabriel turns and walks away and goes home*
Eerie follows him still*
Gabriel* by the way healy keeps asking about you
Eerie* yeah?
Gabriel* yeah, hanzel should be over tomorrow and well I don’t know what dragon is up too. You would be in the house and be able to see her
Eerie* yeah
Gabriel* even if dragon is avaible, I still want you to try damnit
Eerie* fine
Gabriel gets to his door* good! *goes inside and closes the door *
Dragon there* who ya talking too?
Gabriel hugs him instantly* I feel nasty right now
Dragon* do you want to lay down?
Gabriel* maybe
Dragon* ok

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Ok [09 Jul 2011|01:15pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Need to update tonight on stuff, remember to edit this post to add everything. PS: Toshio's second daughter born today so thats july 9th. nice

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July 5th 2011 [05 Jul 2011|11:52pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Rio sighs in the shower after having sex with thuban. cant believe he broke down on thuban and bawling his eyes out. with angle right now*
angle doesnt want rio there to start with but there is no winning*
rio washes himself in all of angles stuff, even tho they broke up yesterday misses him, even if this man doesnt put his own emotions into what he is saying to him, rinses off*
angle just waiting. thinks this is bullshit. knows the little brat slept with thuban, his smell is all over him!*
rio gets out of the shower and uses angles towel and brushes his teeth as well. will take the extra steps to make him happy, comes out with the towel wrapped around his waist* i dont have any clothes here, at least not enough to make an outfit out of
angle grumbles* just borrow some jeans
rio sighs* why are you so upset...? we broke up yesterday. im here trying to make it up to you but your still going to be an ass
angle sitting on his bed* whatever
rio* oh yes whatever...sure
angle* dont get shitty with me
rio* and what do you call what your doing to me?
angle huffs, crosses his arms*
rio* besides i was going to ask you if i could but its whatever now...
angle* i would have said no
rio* and i would would have been fine with that!
angle* then why ask?
rio* because i actually keep you in mind when it comes to shit like that!
angle* yeah ok
rio throws his arms up in the air* i cant say anything to please you! i just cant! im the fuck up not you! you rip my fucking heart out all the god damn fucking time and yet im the fuck up!
angle* i dont rip your heart out
rio* hmmm what do you call cheating on me a year ago?
angle* a huge mistake
rio* a mistake really. its like you dug your fucking claws into my heart and then rip it out, gave it road rash, put it in a blender, fed it some wolves and turned it into diarehha!
angle* graphic
rio* yeah well thats how i fucking felt! and yet i came back to you! because i fucking love you, but you cant even admit that much to me anymore!
angle gets all quiet*
rio* also i did sleep with him which didnt turn out how i wanted it too cuz i busted out crying! because yet again you get all shitty
angle gets up and goes over to his computer desk, finally got one* whatever...i dont see why you were crying in the middle of sex with mr. egyptian man!
rio* he is my friend *kicks his computer chair * you little fuck
angle* so im the little fuck *works on reports on his computer *
rio rips him away from the computer* could you at least pay attention to me while i bitch you out!
angle looks at him, and glares* no
rio flips the chair over with him in it*
angle* fucker! *gets up quickly *
rio* it doesnt even matter to you that im hurting right now!
angle* why should it! you were going to leave me for him anyway
rio* WHAT! where the fuck do you get the idea of that!
angle picks up his chair* the way you two wrestle around
rio rubs his forehead, about to cry cuz he just isnt getting it* you just dont care do you?
angle* i do too *rolls up to the computer desk * just not right now
rio finally makes his way to the dresser drawers pulls out some jeans and just starts to cry*
angle looks over at him* what?
rio sniffles and just a mess* i have never done anything to you and yet it fucking hurts. i have never hurt you of any sort but you
angle gets up out of the chair and walks over to him*
rio* go away...
angle* this is my place
rio kneeling down and just crying into the pair of jeans*
angle makes rio gets up to his feet and lets him sit on the bed*
rio keeps crying* all i want is you, i wasnt expecting you to say yes....
angle hates seeing rio like this*
rio* you have to stop being so paranoid, you sit there and pine yourself to death about me leaving you and all it does is push me away and hurt me!
angle gets him some tissues, sits next to him* put some pants on
rio looks at the jeans, the crotch is wet from him crying, then cries more*
angle sighs* i dont know what you want me to do, you sit there and say you didnt hurt me, but what do you call you being in porno's and all. even after we got back together
rio* a way to help you pay off some debt
angle* you didnt have too
rio sniffles and rubs his nose on the jeans too* i would say it was a way to get back at you but you like porn and you like porn with me in it...
angle blushes* yeah so
rio* then why are you saying it hurt you! you had that stupid bitch of a boy toy in the apartment while i was in here too! and without me knowing it!
angle scratches his head and ruffles his hair up a bit*
rio* i really do love you...
angle* i know
rio* why cant you say it to me anymore?
angle* because when you say it, it feels empty
rio starts to cry again*
angle* rio!
rio gets up* your a fucking ass!
angle* rio!
rio goes to leave the apartment in just a towel and jeans as a fucking tissue*
angle grabs him and pulls him back in, makes him sit on the sofa* now stop!
rio just sobbing*
angle* look i really dont know how to say or do anything right around you.
rio lays down on the sofa and hides his face away*
angle picks up rio's feet and sits down and lays his feet across his lap. sighs, rubs rio's feet*
rio muffled* i feel like i dont know you anymore. you were such a badass that didnt care what others thought of us and now your hiding away from the world...and you keep pushing me away like im trash
angle keeps rubbing his feet* ok im not good at expressing what im thinking or how im feeling
rio still muffled* but what happen to you? you got this morgue job and its all been down hill
angle* i guess im turning anti-social
rio pulls his feet away from him and sits up, still holding the pillow to his face*
angle takes the pillow away from him* im sorry im a horrible boyfriend
rio a mess* i just dont get it...i can understand us not moving in with each other but all the other shit you have done. i have done nothing but to try and please you and make you happy
angle* i know
rio* then why?
angle* i dont know! do you still want to sleep with him?
rio shrugs*
angle looks at him* that doesnt count as an answer
rio doesnt look at him* kind of for the fact i did start crying like a baby, and he did comfort me when he didnt have too
angle* well what if i said it was ok just to call this even and try and work through this
rio* that doesnt solve anything
angle* just an idea
rio looks at him*
angle twisting the pillow up and just ready to tear it apart*
rio* it hurts you to see me like this
angle* yeah
rio* then why do you hurt me?
angle* im scared, you always keep asking me to move in, your always up my ass. your just so perky for no reason
rio* would you like me to be like my mother and be a bitch 24/7 and just rip you apart every time you give me attitude! thats what she did to my step dad! thats what she did to my dad!
angle* no i mean your pretty whiny and bitchy enough already
rio huffs*
angle* i mean that in a good way, of course you dont really hesitate to tell people where to shove it
rio* yeah well some people need a reality check *looks at the jeans on the floor, gets up and goes back to the dresser after throwing the jeans in the lundry basket, gets a new pair. drops his towel and puts on the jeans * do you have a belt beefcake
angle* somewhere
rio still skinner then angle even with getting muscle mass. digs around for a belt*
angle looks over at him*
rio* since you have been so up in arms about me and thuban, have you been talking to another guy like before?
angle sinks down in the sofa* no
rio whips around, the jeans barely staying on him, about to expose himself. walks over to the sofa* you have havent you!
angle doesnt say anything*
rio* you have! you fucking have!!!!
angle* its just talking, your allowed to have friends why cant i?
rio* classify friends in your world!?
angle* simple talking thats all it is!
rio* bullshit! do you have his number?
angle* yes
rio* you been out on the town with him by yourself?
angle* yes
rio* you know where he fucking lives at?
angle* yes
rio* OMG! you have been basically been dating a guy behind my back!!!! *freaks out all over again, starts to pace and just freak! *
angle gets up grabs rio to get him to stop pacing* im allowed to have friends too!
rio* let go of me!
angle* no!
rio* LET GO OF ME!!!
angle lets go of him can see rio is serious having a major panic attack*
rio just sinks down to the floor, hangs his head down* have you been in his house?
angle* yes
rio back to crying* i think for a fucking second we have made some form of progress and stupid me to think maybe you wouldnt do something like this
angle* he is just a fucking friend!
rio* then why didnt you tell me sooner!!!!
angle taken back by rio being upset like this*
rio if he could sink through the fucking floor, sitting on his knees and leans forward. his forehead touching the floor, just crying*
angle* im serious rio he is just a friend, nothing more then what steph is
rio keeps crying*
angle picks him up and manages to get him on the sofa* im not sure what to do to make this better
rio just flops over sideways on the sofa, cries into the sofa cushion*
angle covers his own face, doesnt know what to do. can understand why rio is freaking out right now. just takes in a deep breath and lets it out, reaches out and pets rio's back* im sorry
rio keeps crying*
angle moves on the sofa and pulls rio up and holds him*
rio just broken at this point* why?
angle* i told you im scared
rio cries on his shoulder, with his sharp breathing and odd hiccups with crying so much. getting small bits of his smell. cant deny it even tho he is hurting so much still loves this man, wraps his arms around angle and just moves into his lap and just bawls his eyes out*
angle just holds him, really doesnt know what to say*
rio* im sorry
angle* for what?
rio* for being a mess
angle* personally if i could i would have broken up with myself forever ago
rio pulls away and looks at him* dont say stuff like that...things have been pretty crazy for you
angle* yeah to make me stupid to serious hurt someone so good as you
rio sniffles pretty hard and yawns out of that reaction of sniffling*
angle its like every month he is doing something wrong to hurt rio, and should know better when rio tells him a million times not to do certain things* are you feeling a little better now that you have yelled at me?
rio nods* yeah
angle* ok im serious about this guy, he is just a friend. i dont even think he is gay. i dont even know if he knows im gay.
rio kind of smiles* well he is in a world of surprise
angle smiles* yeah
rio* are we going to be ok?
angle* do you really love me that much? even after a fight like this?
rio* yeah
angle hugs him close, feels like a total ass*
rio hugs back*
angle* i love you
rio looks at him* really?
angle* yep
rio kisses him*
angle kisses back* do you want me out of the morgue?
rio* not really, you smelling like dead bodies is a huge turn on...not fond of over night bullshit
angle* yeah well it pays good
rio* i know...
angle* my place is small but sucks to pay more to be in a better place
rio* then i should move in to help with bills
angle blushes* no
rio* why are you so set against us living with each other? we have been dating for 2 years
angle* on and off
rio* so! one day break up...that is if you dont want me
angle* now i just told you i love you what makes you think im going to throw you to the curb like that
rio gets all cuddly with him, wants to think angle will change one day. just wants his love so badly and will keep working at it* then let me move in
angle* if you were to move in then i would want at least a bigger studio apartment
rio* ok well they should have one in this place right?
angle* yeah they do but i would have to check if they have anything available
rio sad again* oh
angle holds rio* i really am sorry
rio* write me notes
angle* huh?
rio* when your feeling just bleh, or just shitty instead of your taking it out on me and running off. then write it down.
angle* eh i dont do dairies
rio* not like a diary just like when your feeling shitty, not all the fucking time geez. not like mushy girly crap of steph got her leg hair lasered today
angle scuffs* gross
rio* right! uck! just when you feel you need to be alone ok?
angle* i will try
rio* ok *pets angles cheek * i love you joseph
angle growls at him* you know i hate my real name
rio smiles* but i love it. i feel like im the only one who can call you that
angle deflates pretty quickly* yeah
rio* so are we going to be ok?
angle* i think so
rio just so happy!!!!!*
angle* but the way i am going to give you permission to sleep with him for the fact that yes i have hurt you and not even a little bit like pretty bad, like damaging possible dating ablities later in life if anything happen to us
rio* aw! i dont know if i want too now
angle* look take the damn offer ok
rio* ok ok
angle really is going to look into a place for them. knows that will make rio happy beyond anything! and really doesnt mean to hurt rio like this. but he is the reason why rio is so paranoid and so up his ass. rio says its love but thinks its paranoia*
rio yawn* ok time for bed
angle looks at the time* time for me to stay up and work on some reports sadly
rio pouts*
angle gets up and then picks rio up and carries him to the bed, lays rio down and lays next to him* i will lay next to you until you fall asleep
rio smiles* ok *Gets SUPER cuddly to him, if he could he would be in his skin! *
angle holds him, rio really does make him realize how many issues he does have with having a relationship*
rio zonks out pretty damn fast*
angle* right

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4th of july 2011 [05 Jul 2011|12:23am]
[ mood | embarrassed ]

Toshio made food for everyone but cold food. Its been very warm there*
Judian is there with claudia already in the water playing around*
Toshio happy they are here*
Dragon gabriel and healy are there*
Healy is scared of the water*
Thuban will bring chris and levi soon enough*
Rio convinced angle to call out so they are there as well, after letting him sleep for a bit. Swimming around like crazy loves it*
Judian keeps claudia with him, not sure if he likes rio. But this feels super good being pregnant. Starting to show quiet a bit and letting claudia swim. Toshio had her trained since she was born to swim, crazy ass man*
Rio* so daddy dear its been a while since seeing you
Dragon* daddy dear?
Rio* yeah
Dragon* you’re an odd child
Rio* aw don’t be mean! Asking what you have been up too and your going to be an ass about it!
Dragon* oh please you know im giving you a hard time.
Rio whines*
Dragon* oh stop being like your whorish mother!
Rio* I swear if it wasn’t for the fact you would kick my ass, I would twist your nipple
Dragon* eh
Gabriel swimming around, the water feels good. amazed in how warm it is here right now*
Rio* so what have you been up too?
Dragon* eh fucking gabriel
Rio* ew…why do you have to be gross all the time?
Dragon* cuz I am
Rio* bah your no fun
Toshio having a strange whim to be extremely anti-social all the suddenly, stays inside*
Gabriel gets out of the water and hugs dragon all nice and wet*
Dragon* ah! You little shit!
Healy sitting with angle not fond of the water at all*
Dragon picks gabriel up and walks into the water some and tosses his sorry ass in there*
Gabriel yelps and hits the water*
Dragon laughs*
Angle as a fire demon doesn’t get along with water too well so keeps out*
Toshio having issues pulling himself out of the house. Keeping the food inside. Not sure why he is like this all the suddenly*
Dragon realizes two things one jr isn’t here and two toshio isn’t out here, walks out of the water and goes to the house, checks on toshio*
Toshio trying to be social, was social at one point in time in his life but that was for different reasons and was drugged out of his mind 90% of the time*
Dragon walks into the house* hello?
Toshio jumps out of his skin* geez
Dragon* whats up with you?
Toshio* nothing I just don’t feel like being out there
Dragon* oh please…what is up with you?
Toshio shakes his head, works on making a potato salad*
Dragon* what?
Toshio* nothing
Dragon* tell me
Toshio* its fine…I just cant get myself out of the house right now
Dragon* bullshit its something else
Toshio* its fine really
Dragon* if you don’t tell me I will beat the shit out of you
Thuban knocks on the door*
Toshio moves away and goes to the door*
Thuban with chris and levi*
Toshio opens the door*
Thuban* hi
Toshio* ok they are out back if you want to join everyone
Thuban* ok
Toshio leads them through the house and out the back patio and yeah closes the door*
Dragon* so am I going to have to beat the shit out of you
Toshio* no
Dragon* I will tho, your not like this at least lately you have been due to the lack of sex
Toshio* I cant be around that many close to naked bodies.
Dragon* you need to get laid
Toshio* unless your going to help me with that issue
Dragon* mmm
Toshio blushes, oddly enough doesn’t want it from dragon…..wants gabriel or judian….being really picky lately* no….no…I
Dragon* what?
Toshio* Im being too picky for this right now…
Dragon starts to growl at him*
Toshio just moves away from him* im just being picky ok
Dragon* fine refuse the offer
Toshio gets all quiet…really wants sex tho and cant be picky if he wants to get laid, grabs dragon and pulls him close to him*
Dragon* that’s what I thought
Toshio* shut up
Dragon strips toshio of his clothes*
Toshio just blushes and just feels awkward for once in life*
Dragon can pick up on it. Stops*
Toshio picks up his clothes and leaves the kitchen in a hurry*
Thuban and rio already wrestling and chris in the water with levi*
Rio will win this damn wrestling match*
Angle watches them wrestle, its rather hot watching the two of them wrestle*
Thuban gets rio down*
Angle* Daaaammmmnnn
Rio blushes a lot and pushes thuban off of him, then jumps him and goes back at it*
Thuban takes him down a lot easier this time*
Rio growls, getting pissed off*
Thuban* aw come on, I know your better then this
Chris watching from the water, loves it when thubans little ego comes out*
Rio jumps up again, has dirt on him tackles thuban again*
Thuban yelps and goes down and twist around and gets a hold of rio by the back of his neck*
Angle just watching closely*
Rio bites thuban*
Thuban yells and pinches rio*
Rio whines and lets go of him and finally gets thuban down*
Thuban* finally geez
Rio huffs*
Thuban* oh come on not that bad
Rio* oh please im the one to get you down first
Thuban* so
Chris* would you two just fuck already?
Thuban turns all red in the face*
Angle looks at rio*
Rio* oh trust me that is far from happening so don’t even get on me
Angle* oh I have all rights getting on you
Rio* oh please! Mr. Cheat on me and have the boy in the fucking apartment at the same time I was there…trying to sneak him out!
Chris* time for some wild fire
Judian* that’s horrible
Gabriel gets out of the water and gets healy, nothing against angle but yeah…takes healy to the house*
Angle gets all sort of pissed off* alright porn star
Rio puts his hands on his hips* really that’s all you have! I have a huge fucking dick and it pays good money! Of course maybe you don’t like it enough always complaining its too big
Angle blushes, jumps to his feet* now don’t you bring shit like this into this fight!
Rio* oh boo hoo….i can have anyone I want, and yet im still with you and its still not enough!
Angle* right right cuz you’re an ass like your dad
Rio* at least I have common sense un like some of my other siblings
Angle* yeah ok, besides with me here you don’t have the fucking balls to do anything with him
Rio* oh really! *grabs thuban and pulls him close and kisses him*
Thuban like a deer in head lights! Then kisses back like oh man!*
Judian shocked at this*
Chris just smiles*
Angle gets all sorts of pissed off now*
Rio lets go of thuban and every so gently pushes him away*
Thuban blushing* wow
Rio blushes himself*
Angle grabs rio’s arm and pulls him over to him, pissed off*
Rio hisses at him* maybe now you will know how much you fucking hurt me with that stupid boy you fucked around with!!
Angle* I wasn’t trying to hurt you!
Rio* BULLSHIT! You had me every fucking day and you pushed me aside to fuck around with him! *pulls away from his grip*
Judian* um should we stop this?
Chris* hell no…this is the shit I live for
Judian* your horrible….
Chris* well I don’t see you stopping them either
Judian* I really don’t know them
Thuban* um you know its really not that important…chris says things to get to people
Angle* stay the fuck out of this!
Rio* don’t yell at him! He didn’t do anything!
Angle just wants to strangle rio* fine….just fine…be a fucking whore then….cuz its over….im done dealing with your stupid fucking whorish ways *walks away *
Rio shocked angle just broke up with him*
Thuban* wow im sorry rio
Rio grabs thuban* we are going to fuck like were going to die in the morning! *disappears with him *
Chris* hey! *gets out of the water with levi, disappears as well *
Judian left alone, sighs. Makes his way out of the water with claudia*
Angle gets to the house, goes inside to get his clothes*
Dragon sees him* where is everyone?
Angle* fuck your son and the womb he came out of! *gets his shit and leaves*
Dragon confused* umm….like what the fuck just happen! * follows him out *
Gabriel sighs heavily* well im sure judian will be back at the house soon
Toshio* yeah most likely
Gabriel* well if those two are fighting then im sure him and thuban are either rocking it and chris is right behind them wanting some action…so that’s 3 people down there
Toshio* of course try to be social and cant even do that, leave you all alone and you try to kill each other
Gabriel sitting there with a towel wrapped around him* well at least those two. But I think its been a bit of building tension between the two
Toshio* apparently….*moves over to gabriel and gets all close to him *
Gabriel just giggles* your silly
Toshio* just amuse me and cuddle with me
Gabriel* fine *wraps his arms around him and pulls him close*
Angle* I cant do it with him anymore if he cant let go of me cheating on him
Dragon* you cant be mad at him for it. He would have been fine with it if you weren’t all spy agent about it…
Angle* yeah ok he still would have put my head on a fucking silver plater
Dragon* why are you getting all shit faced about this anyway?
Angle* because he wants to fuck around with thuban his little wrestling buddy…
Dragon* you didn’t see that one coming at all?
Angle* no
Dragon* wow maybe the two of you need to work out some serious shit then
Angle gets all shitty and leaves*
Dragon shrugs it off and goes back inside to see toshio being all cuddly with gabriel* um
Toshio* you moved
Gabriel* hi, he just wanted to be cuddly, so what the hell was that about?
Dragon* apparently they got into a fight about thuban
Gabriel* oh….well that was going to happen eventually
Dragon shrugs* whatever
Judian comes in* my brother has gotten weird!!!!
Toshio shoves gabriel away and gets up.*
Dragon sits next to gabriel*
Gabriel big smile* hi
Dragon smiles back* hi
Toshio goes to judian* what?
Judian* I don’t know I think chris is turning my brother super strange
Toshio* I don’t know but *takes claudia* hi baby
Claudia* dada
Toshio kisses her on the forehead* how are you doing with number 2 there?
Judian* was better in the water but yeah everyone left me out there
Toshio holding claudia but hugs judian too*
Judian hugs back*
Toshio judian really does have a nice pregnant body, not all stressed out or with stretch marks everywhere*
Judian puts his hand on toshio’s cheek and kisses him*
Toshio kisses back*
Gabriel* oooo look at the love birds!
Judian blushes*
Toshio doesn’t care just glad him and judian aren’t fighting*
Dragon laughs*

OMG! so long right

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Omg! [04 Jul 2011|02:10pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

So there is way too much to go over so i will run over the basics right now

We welcome possibly a new person watching us. Woot woot raise the roof. lol sorry

Ok Starting for the top!

Xell going to get married to Gwen who is his reborn again ex-girlfriend for like forever ago. had babies with her. Flame is now a woman shocker! Crazy bastard. anyway she is like all over xell.

then there is me who has two more kids plus victora, hyde and envy, the new ones are identical twins marlow and williow. two girls. need more girls in this family

Also gabriel left eerie like a ton of bricks and has been having issues finding a man that he likes. then dragon of course had to step in and well things are strange and awkward but not. that one is hard to explain but not as well. eh

Plus we have a new werewolf to welcome to the family, didnt know my dad knew werewolves figured toshio's hatred stemed for that but apparently not. So Hanzel our german shephard wolf friend is very hard to understand but getting better. Um Rio set him up with Dorthy and well not perfect yet but getting there with those two. she is pregnant again so this would make number 2 for them. I know gabriel has been helping him with issues of his. Then rio is madly in love with angle and cant see life without him.

thuban still involved with chris, im amazed over that one, dragon isnt. but then again dragon knows him better so yeah. i dont know how that one works. then dragon keeps saying when is thuban and rio going to sleep with each other. I know Rio is Dragons son but doesnt mean he likes to be a whore all the time...lol

Anywho what else is there....judian and toshio having another baby...which resulted in more fights. crazy bitches. gabriel is i dont know if i should let that one out of the bag yet. um...i dont know if i have left anything out. if i have then i will update soon enough. I will most likely update with more stuff when i get a chance too. which will be more considering my job here isnt too damanding.

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hi-jacking! [18 Aug 2010|03:29am]
[ mood | Bliss! ]

Hi world its Gabriel.
my dad is going through all the things that he wrote about cepherio. and im kind of helping. and looking back and seeing all the things eerie said to me about 2 years ago, makes me want to fall in love with him all over again. but then again seeing him every morning makes me fall in love with him everytime. I know sappy right! I know things havent been prefect between me and him, and him seriously breaking alot of promises and breaking my heart. I still find it in my soul to look at him and just smile. hoping one day he will ask me to marry him (oh wait he has!) and to walk down the lane in the most beautiful white dress. =swoons= i know its lame but seeing all that stuff is just so romantic. and also remembering the night Rio met Angle...hehehe its like walking down memory lane but not being that old. =sighs happily= anyway, i know this is so lame on so many levels and i know you guys dont want to hear about this but yeah...

Good night world, sleep well!

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looking around! [17 Aug 2010|05:19am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Jr: i have been looking around all the stuff i have written about cepherio and damn im finding things from 2003. i found one thing from charlie that he made for ryoko! its rather romantic in a weird way. also found lyrics to a song i havent listen to since high school, Softly by Lamb. its different but i still very much like it!
so im going to embarasse my nephew by putting that song he wrote for his wife back in the day! AHAHAHAHA!!!

Feel my love

By Charlie Metallium
From december 30th 2001 (congrats on you two for lasting this long!)

When the rain is blowing in your face
And the whole world is on your case
I could offer you a warm embrace
To make you feel my love

When evening shadows and the stars appear
And there is no one there to dry your tears
I could hold you for a million years
To make you feel my love

I know you havent made your mind up yet
But I would never do you wrong
I've known it from the moment that we met
No doubt in my where you belong

I'd go hungry, I'd go black and blue
I'd go crawling down the avenue
There's nothing that i wouldnt do
to make you feel my love

the storms are raging on the rollin' sea
and on the highway of regret
the wind of changes are blowing wild and free
you aint seen nothing like me yet

i could make you happy, make your dreams come true
nothing that i wouldnt do
go to the end of the earth for you
to make you feel my love

ah so cool!

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just an update [28 Nov 2009|11:30am]
[ mood | content ]

Judian and toshio are happy as pie, or aleast close to it.
Ash wants another baby and cresma doesnt want one, cuz one is enough and herion is crazy enough to make up for like 10 kids.
jean and khala are back together again...but who knows how long this one will last cuz khala has issues out the ass.
thuban is happy as a clam with dante, they run there own shop and all now
gabriel is the one having the most issues right now, adopted his ex-boyfriends child (eerie's kid) then accidently killing the mother cuz she tried to cross his path, then eerie keeps trying to see heally and heally hates him. and gabriel now has a new boyfriend that is super nice. but its all good and settled down alot.
rane is starting to come around to dragon, but its more of grumble at him but its better then what she was doing.
Hiddie and Zeus are getting married, wootness for the two of them.
Eliza likes talking to dragon, finds it nice to be able to talk to someone in ancient eygpt, and how things use to be. Of course is still up eric's butt about being retired. the twins are also growing up face (ebii and halima) there 13 now and thuban and judian are all around her. Sam feels akward talking to them cuz they like him and he isnt sure how to act around them
Sam and yuri are happy evil couple with a kid that is like 8. they cause issues with other people and like to destroy stuff. its cute
Rio, has come out of hiding finially cuz of gabriel and found this nice guy named Angle and have been dating for 2-3 months. angle blew up his town cuz he is a hellraiser. then moved in with rio temporarly and then moved out cuz he finds it akward to live with your lover so soon. but regardless rio still likes his even with his weird behavior
torch is still with charlie. its alittle rocky at times well alot fo the time cuz torch doesnt know how to express to charlie how much he cares and then he gets pissed at himself and yells at her and she goes into a depression. but she loves him dearly and will work with him, she is finally clean from drugs and stuff even tho he keeps doing it and selling it, but she is looking at houses for them so there not so in city cuz she thinks its too dangerous for them to live in city.
Jr and dragon are happy havent seen flame in a little while cuz he is fancied by the pussy named sasha. but he has a kid now. all the kids play with each other, hyde, envy, callie, herion, and heally. alot of H names. but either way we think heally is going to be a lesbian, hyde and envy are going to end up together....herion is a flake like ash, and callie she is still young so its hard to read. but its funny. but its nice having all these kids around, me and dragon dont want anymore kids for the moment even tho is all reality i do want more....but i will work on him for that one.
but all is going well in cepherio for my family, its nice for it to actually go smoothly.....

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turn of events [06 Sep 2009|10:41pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

gabriel over at rio's apartment*
rio, poking at gabriel* so what really happened?
gabriel* nothing....
rio* oh come on....
gabriel* rio....not something i want to talk about right now?
rio* hey i want to know.....the guy took you away from me and now i want to know what he screwed up on
gabriel, sitting on rio's bed, then lays down*
rio, laying there* 
gabriel, sighs*  look its not mindy and the child or anything
rio* ok....well thats good i guess....so it was all him pretty much
gabriel* i would put it as both
rio* oh please gabriel! your like the most charming person every! you bend over backwards for your lover!
gabriel* anyway it started about two months ago....you know me im patient and i try so hard....well he just seem to fall apart, after him cheating on me with sasha
rio* he cheated on you?
gabriel* yeah with a girl...which it was hard cuz he just purposed to me
rio* do you still have the ring?
gabriel* yes....
rio* does he want it back?
gabriel* i dont know......i left to fast to really care
rio* oh well anyway
gabriel* well so he cheated on me with sasha....and so we thought we would try to get back on track with life....cuz thats just how it works well we go on this vacation to this old town he grew up in....and then to find out thats where his ex-wife lives at and things just kind of went down hill...
rio* when was the last time you two had sex........?
gabriel, thinks for a moment.....* um probably a good 5 weeks
rio* wow.....
gabriel* so yeah so mindy got pregnant with eerie and he apparently slept with her more then once.
rio* wow....
gabriel, sighs* he started to yell at me today about not cleaning and that i should take better care of things....
rio* what?
gabriel* its not even my house....not even my family....
rio* gabriel....
gabriel, rolls away from rio* i was just pushed aside
rio, pets him* im sorry......
gabriel* i guess its nothing new....
rio* so....moving onto not such a sad topic........so.....apartment searching?
gabriel* yeah something closer to the college im going to.....just a small one bed room
rio* would you want a room mate or anything?
gabriel* no....one bedroom just me...
rio* ah....ok....why not room mates ?
gabriel* i use to live at the catle, sasamu's, toshio's, and here, and then eerie's ....i just want to be alone
rio, sighs*
gabriel* i want to live on my own and just prove to myself i dont need anyone there.....
rio* oh.....well ya know you still have friends and family
gabriel* i know.....i just want to be alone .....
rio* but why? your just so social
gabriel* im tried of being social....
rio* im sorry gabriel....

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quick update [15 Aug 2009|12:01am]
[ mood | content ]

so its been a while since i have update cepherio in livejournal..........*takes a deep breath*
lets start with judian and toshio...
apparently judian put a spell on himself to make him into a girl and bugged the shit out of toshio to have sex with him and he get pregrnant...had a miscarriage...and now him and toshio and closer to each other then ever!
eerie and gabriel, have there own house now. and living with each other. eerie ended up cheating on gabriel, but gabriel loves him too much to leave. then eerie did it again! but in all theory they were in an open relationship, well eerie ended up fucking his exwife and got her pregnant. gabriel was pissed off like whoa at first and then is fine with it. she is actually living with them as well now...and apart of their relationship of some sort. ....yeah....which now there are all happy as can be! which oddly enough gabriel isnt fond of kids like at all and he is fine with this person being pregnant....eerie is freaking out all the time over it.
ash, thought she had another pregnant scare with cresma and he was flipping shit all over the place! they have been so happy, cresma has been stretching himself thin to make sure he can take care of ash and heroin...not sure if ash realizes it tho
torch...omg! he finally spilled the beans on being in love with gabriel's exgirlfriend charlie....and she is living with him and eerie adopted her cuz her supposive father died and eerie really didnt want her in the house so she lives with torch as a druggie with him....she is all sorts of excited over the fact that he cares for her that much....
rio, is back in the world dating! ahhh!!! he met a guy named angle....and is completely hopelessly madly head over heels for him! and moved back into the apartment dragon gave him and gabriel awhile ago....and making it his own. him and gabriel have been hanging out more as brothers now and realizes its ok to be gay! and all that fun stuff and finding out that his fashion in life can go so many ways because of his build....so yeah...him and gabriel have been doing alot of shopping and then showing it off to this angle guy......he seems pretty cool so far! ahhh! the guys sister zapped rio on the ass during sex cuz the girl is apparently crazy....and thought rio was raping him or some stupid stuff like that...and rio took it from her and starting zapping the crap out of her! i think its funny he has a scar on his ass now cuz of it! funny! ooo and he is a cop is some shitty town....
and my worry is that drake is kind of loosing connection to dragon....and im like huff but i cant really be mad about it....that stuff happens....not everyone is like me where i have like a million and one people whispering in your ear telling ya things and being as connected as i am and know who i am....and blah blah blah....
what else, oh kamiin and destiny almost got a devorice. kamiin thought destiny was going off the deep end of crazy and  couldnt take it....and she was just going even more crazy over all that. so he is still with her but under on condtion that she get rid of her lab....so she agreed to it. no mind you the people that do know those two, know for a fact destiny has always been crazy.....its just been getting worse. for some reason she is having nightmares and not sleeping and just all around falling apart....kamiin wants to leave in a sense but he knows that she is all he knows and the other way around.....and kamiin being his mushy self  is just like i would feel bad and the fact he still loves her...so yeah comlicated!
i think for the most part everyone else is happy....im married to soon 3 people....and dragon has taken a fancy to eerie's ex-wife as he puts it this girl is the female version of me! so im like your a vein mother fucker.....so yeah.....i dont know how im gathering all these people now....but its all cool and i think thats it for the moment!

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just poking around [23 Feb 2009|12:51am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

so where to start is the thing.
Cresma and Ash are married and having a child now. which he freaked out massivly over it.
Gabriel left Rio and is with Eerie....which we found out eerie is dragon's bastard son...which dragon about nearly shit a brick over that one. But they get along greatly. Rio is very much unhappy but we are dealing with it.
Torch is doing his own thing, which he has started to come around.
Rane still hates dragon not sure why. Me and dragon are married. Actually may sound odd but im also now married to his twin brother....akaward but still....proves to be interesting.
Toshio and judian had a minor fight in there world and things are fine between the two of them now.
Gabriel is in college and lives with toshio out in the middle of nowhere. Minus the anixety like kanji....he is just becoming a cute but anti-social drag queen
Dragon has two plans to make rane like him....or force her to like him of some sort....Plan A.....kidnap her tiny minature graffi and hold it for randsom untill she gives in.....OR! Plan B buy her a new tiny minature graffi because the one she has is all old! Max thinks dragon is pretty cool....but fustrated at rane because she has been denying him of sex and he is crawling up the wall and cieling.
Um...im rather enjoying life....me and dragon had two new kids...well not really new new....they were born last year. Yeah that was interesting to say the least. One girl one boy....Envy is the girl and hyde is the boy....he is like AHHH!!! i hate kids all the time but i know deep down he like omg! cuteness! all over them XD 
um.....just thinking of what else there is....So Kanji will be swing around the castle sometime soon to meet dragon on normal terms....Kanji has gotten so bad according to Kyo. With his anxiety and all, im amazed he can still teach at hogwarts....*shrugs* he manages somehow.....but i hope he will get over it and come over
um still going through the kids with dragon he is getting confused with them already and he has only met a hand ful of them.....im up there with kids with si and all. But after everything hyde and envy our the newest ones other then torch, rio and ash.....which i have taken them in as my own but i think im good on kids now.....or at least for alittle bit......
i figured i would make the attempt to update.....for those who keep up with me in cepherio......

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[02 Nov 2008|03:22pm]
*toshio, trying to find himself a new town to feed on. this wont  be easy for the fact that all the towns are very far away now* 
*judian, happy to see toshio home more often cuz there is no where to feed. but can tell he is getting all weird towards him* 
*toshio, going insane its been about a month since he has fed and is looking at judian as a food source but doesnt want to hurt him at all. just plain out going insane*
*Judian, currently up in the attic working on his line of clothing. cant wait for all this. finds it all very fun to make clothes* 
*toshio, scared about hurting judian, has himself locked into the bathroom*
*judian, his only worry about his clothes line is that he is the prince of cepherio and is a drag queen. will be shot down pretty damn good from everyone or the opposite and will be praised for coming out and all. but has a feeling that he will be shot down hard core* 

*Cresma, got his rib cage on both sides. Two rows on of 6 down on each side, so in total 24 piercings. had dragon and ash there as well. Dragon got a new piercing and such as well. Ash got her first piercing every which was the the breast plate area. had her sitting by him while he was getting the other half of his ribs pierced and at one point had ash hold up his arm for the fact that his arm was getting tired. omg had one hell of a boner when they were done. While ash and dragon got pierced took care of that one.* 
*Ash, found this whole piercing thing fun. wanted to help Cresma with his little problem but her father is keeping a close eye on both of them* 
*Cresma, preparing himself for a nice evening out, going to see stephine (the red head who is having his kid) then most likely going to see setsuna afterwards*
*ash, debating in whether she should go talk to cresma* 
*Cresma, putting on some nice clothes, not 100% sure if he should go see stephine tonight, would rather go find some pierced up girls and give them a good tossing*
*Ash, says fuck it and runs off to Cresma's room. Knocks on his door*
*Cresma, has his pants on and getting on his shirt, opens the door* i'm on my way out...so dont make it long
*Ash, blinks* Er...sorry i didnt mean to interrupt you
*Cresma, great delight to see her* Sorry, i thought you were someone else! come in its fine
*Ash, blushes alittle and comes in* where are you off too?
*Cresma* dreading to see stephine
*Ash* who is stephine?
*Cresma* the red head
*Ash* oh i dont like her
*Cresma* never said you had too, so?
*Ash* oh i was just ....well i mean....nevermind your going out to do something
*Cresma, tuking in his shirt * you can stay i dont have to go out tonight
*Ash* but she wants to see you
*Cresma* doesnt mean i want to see her
*Ash, looks away* 
*Cresma* so how is your piercing doing?
*Ash, looks down at her cleavage* well i dont know
*Cresma, comes over with out a second thought and looks at it* still looks fresh
*Ash, starts to blush wildly*
*Cresma* so anyway i dont need to go out tonight, if you want me to stay here
*Ash, blushes more* i mean you can stay but i dont want to be in the way of anything
*Cresma* your not getting the way, if anything why dont we go out and have some fun?
*Ash, shrugs, trying to act all casual about it* well we can
*Cresma* that sounds great!  well you better get ready for our random date then
*Ash,blushes again* o-ok
*Cresma, just smiles and sits on the bed and starts to get one his shoes* i will be by your room in a few moments
*Ash, jumps alittle* ok! *runs off to her room, just like omg! omg what to wear* 
*Cresma, smiles to himself. ties his shoes and then gets up and checks out his window to see if its raining and its not. Gets out his nice leather jacket, buttons it up and makes his way to Ash's room*
*Ash, panic over what she should wear or even go out with him. because of everything that has happen right now. but is just amazed at cresma for being as forgiving. Gets on a mini skirt and a nice tank and gets on some leg warmers all the way up. some nice high heels. all black. and then throws it off by a white jacket, breathes. gets a purse and crams a wallet and such into the purse*
*Cresma, knocks on her door* you ready? 
*Ash, comes out, breathes* yep all ready
*Cresma, looks at her, blushes alittle* you look wonderful
*Ash, blushes* thank you...so where are we going?
*Cresma* wherever you want to go
*Ash* oh goody...oddly enough i havent had any of your fathers cooking so i would love to go to his restuarant!
*cresma* alright, shall we then
*Ash, hops around and then walks infront of him*
*cresma, starts to giggle and reachs out and pulls her skirt out from her pantyhose*
*Ash, jumps feeling that* excuse you!
*Cresma, still giggling* your skirt was stuck in you panty hose
*ash, turns bright red* well i was in a rush
*Cresma* so does this mean this a date or just going out as friends?
*Ash* i dont know i guess that will be determined later wont it?
*Cresma, smiles* by the way you look great
*Ash, blushes and walks besides him and puts her arm around his*
*Cresma, shakes her off and then puts his arm around her waist. knows there are things that go bump in the night for her and want to take her*
*Ash, thinks this is wonderful!* 

*Gabriel has toby over his place, can tell trudy is getting all pissed about this. she hates how he is taking up all of toby's time and blah blah blah. she tried to lecture him about it. But got rather rude with her, telling her  that she isnt his mother and should keep her opnion to herself. Cant help it toby is growing up and such. it so dark out and all but its still so early in the evening*
*Toby, finishing up on homework, hates homework*
*Gabriel, jumps on his bed randomly, loves his bed. Is in his Pj's there actually girls pj's with pants and tank, curls up under the blankets* 
*toby, looks over at him* are you being weird?
*Gabriel* yeps, i cant wait until your done with your homework
*Toby, looks at him* why?
*Gabriel, blushes massively* well i mean, my dad talked to me about our mishaps at school, so i figure you can get your homework done early and ya know
*toby, smiles* sex?
*Gabriel, blushes* yeah
*Toby, starts to laugh* say it with me, its nothing to be a shame of, sex! sex sex sex
*Gabriel, says it all quietly* sex
*toby* louder!!! SEX!!! sex is good and you know it! i know you dont like it messy but damn do you love it!
*Gabriel* >< Sex.....
*Toby* good, thats will do for tonight, we will try again later ok?
*Gabriel, blushes massively*  ok
*toby, puts his homework away and all, turns the chair towards gabriels bed* so now what?
*Gabriel, gets up out of bed and kisses him* come on, you waited all weekend to do home work and all, and we have school tomorrow. and im keeping you hostage for the night
*Toby* but you cant, my aunt will flip major shit
*Gabriel* too bad, your mine until tomorrow morning
*Toby* if i get in trouble
*Gabriel* then i will take the blame
*toby* already then i can live with that to a point.
*Gabriel, goes back to kissing Toby*

*Cresma, on edge because there is still someone following them. it makes him extremely nervous about this man following them. and ash is just goofing off*  Hey why dont we go home? Its getting late
*Ash* oh please the food your father makes its wonderful! this is too good of a night for me!
*Cresma, smiles* yeah...well we can have more fun at home *playing with his lint in his pants pocket* 
*Ash* are you ok? ususally you are fine
*Cresma* I dont know but maybe tonight is a good night to call it an early close
*Ash* oh Cresma your a party pooper
*Cresma, grabs her and pulls her over to him, whispers in her ear* we are being followed, so its best we go home now
*Ash, pushes him away* you have no right grabbing me like that! *walks away* 
*Cresma* Ash! please! *keeps up with her*  Ash, i really think its best that we go home!
*Ash, takes off her heels, hands them to cresma* hold these
*Cresma, takes them all confused*
*Ash, runs away from him*
*Cresma, throws her shoes to the ground* DAMNIT ASH! *runs off after her!!*
*Ash, thinks this is fun*
*Cresma, keeping up with her, doesnt think she knows how fast he can run*
*Ash, runs faster, coming out of a jog and actual steady run*
*Cresma, keeping up with her*
*Ash, grumbles he isnt making this fun, starts to sprint now*
*Cresma, sighs and keeps up with her without a problem* 
*Ash, turns the corner and runs into a man, felts like a brick wall, just stumbles back alittle* what the hell?
*The man is not human at all, grabs her*
*Ash, lets out a loud scream*
*Cresma is just like fuck fuck fuck!, races around the corner to see this man with Ash, all the suddenly kicks the guy in the knee he is holding ash high enough to hit it*
*Ash, falls to the ground*
*Cresma, grabs her, and gets her to her feet and runs off with her* 
*Ash, really not sure what the hell is going on*
*Cresma, pulls her into a small noche and hands her his jacket, and then whips off his shirt* sorry expensive shirt. *whips out his wings and grabs her* deal with it, because if i drop you and he catches you, he can have ya then
*Ash, clings to him*
*Cresma, flies off with her, right before the guy gets to them*
*ash, hides from the fact that one they are flying and two they are up in the air*
*Cresma, actually shivers cuz its cold out* 
*Ash, puts her arms around him*
*Cresma, flies off to a neighboring town, and stops on a business roof*
*Ash...* who was that guy?
*Cresma* yeah your asking the wrong person...
*Ash, sits on the ground, takes a deep breath* 
*cresma, shivers* where is my jacket and shirt?.
*Ash, blinks looks down at her hands.........looks sheepishly at him* 
*Cresma, sighs* you dropped them, shit....
*Ash* why?
*Cresma* yeah one expensive and two if that guy finds it that mean he can find me! and in all find you
*Ash* I dont get it
*Cresma* from scent...how you know certain things by scent, he isnt human so he will be able to find me. im taking you home
*Ash* But! Cresma!!
*Cresma, makes her disappear in her room. makes it so she can appear near him or follow him....makes his way down to the ground, still has his wings out. nobody is around...find this extremely odd. just walks around, keeps shivering...cant believe she dropped his shit.....ooo finds his shirt, puts it on. its dirty but doesnt care. looks around can hear some noise*
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[17 Oct 2008|02:48pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

its been too long. so a run down. toshio went to jail and judian followed right behind him cuz toshio destroyed a town and was a "danger" to the world. so yeah they are out now. Toshio finally got some sleep after 6 years. thuban and dante opened a clothing shop.
Cresma is an arranged marriage with Ash. Well dragon made her older so cresma would stop bitching. But now its like we cant separate them for more then two seconds. Which right now i dont know where they are at, i think cresma took her out on a date. so cute.
Dragon and our wedding is coming up. woot! We have two new kids...hyde (his) and envy (mine) woot two kids. so that makes me happy. im sure he is happy over that as well. life is rocking hard core. Gabriel has been with toby for some time now which is cool. We dont know if toby's aunt knows that gabriel is a boy or not. so yeah. um...i think thats it. im not 100% sure cuz its  been awhile. but tada! update!

*Cresma, took Ash out on a date, bought her a ring*
*Ash, completely charmed by cresma, playing with the ring, thinks its beautiful*
*Cresma, holding her hand, just walking around the town* so do you like it? 
 *Ash* yes its wonderful, im just not use to wearing something on my hand
*Cresma* good, i wouldnt want it any other way
*Ash* why do you do this?
*Cresma* cuz i want too why?
*Ash* because it seems so random and such
*Cresma* thats the point of liking someone, to be romantic and surprising your lover. Even if they arent your lover, at least not yet, surprises are always good. Gifts and such
*Ash* ah...so what kind of surprises?
*Cresma, smirks* there are alot, like sexual, gifts for others, say something they want for a while. Or like a nice surprise dinner.
*Ash* hmm...very interesting concept in life
*Cresma* its just nice  thoughts. its what people do when they like each other
*Ash, blushes*  but why a ring?
*Cresma* because we have an arranged marriage and its just what ya do
*Ash, keeps blushing* so now what?
*Cresma* well...
*Ash, turns bright red* not in public!
*Cresma, laughs* no no something else just come on
*Ash, follows behind him*

*Gabriel, bored at home, toby couldnt come out and play tonight. Bored. laying around and its too early to go to sleep, sob* 

*Toshio, is awake, feels rather groggy. Doesnt like this feeling. Slugs around the house*
*Judian, all happy for him being awake, thuban sucks at sex, amazed dante likes it. But then again its hetero sex so yeah. they can stay in there hetero sex. Which kinda saw Christopher, not sure. Thuban was all over him so yeah* 
*Toshio, so bleh*
*Judian, sitting in toshio's lap* toshio...
*Toshio, growls at him*
*Judian* you got your sleep...i want sex damnit
*Toshio* why didnt you go to someone else?
*Judian* I did at first but thuban sucks
*Toshio* oh thought you would go to dragon or jr or someone with some damn experience
*Judian, blushes* your an ass *gets up and goes up to the attic, the attic is like his personal place away from toshio* 
*Toshio, sinks into his seat, just so bleh right now that he just doesnt care. Hates falling asleep is always on the extreme of assholes*

*Cresma, taking Ash home*
*Ash, holding some flowers* I dont know why you keep doing this
*Cresma* To tell you the truth, I like you alot, even tho i know close to nothing about you
*Ash, blushes* But doesnt that bother you, what if im not the girl you want?
*Cresma* Again we have forever to find out.
*Ash* I just dont get it!
*Cresma* its ok, we really do have forever to find out dont we?
*Ash, blushes* yeah...life has gotten very interesting since all of this
*Cresma, pulls her over and puts his arm around her*
*Ash, just blushes and just wonders how Cresma can be so cool minded about all of this* so what do i say then? 
*Cresma* you dont say anything. Cuz if your father were to find out, i would die very horribly
*Ash* i wont let him!
*Cresma, smiles* your too cute...well what do you want to do when we get home?
*Ash, smirks* well since the first time wasnt what you wanted i want to try even harder this time
*Cresma, big smile now* hehe, very determined

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[22 Sep 2008|02:26pm]
*judian....in town today. Going to meet up with a friend, while toshio locks himself in the house cuz the sun is out. But its all good, going out of town after meeting his friend. there going to a neighboring town to buy some leather, at least wants to look good while riding on a motorcycle. Hates having to wear jeans. there not all that flattering on him.*
*toshio....just laying around being lazy at this point. cuz the house to him is clean, but judian would be like omg its dirty.  its really not, never lived with someone who has so much shit in his whole life. keeps some of his stuff up in the attic. Has been moving his shoes and such up there, its bad he has more shoes then dresses.
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[15 Sep 2008|02:27pm]
*judian, meh about all of this cuz its mainly through the human body, so really doesnt care. has toshio to himself all the time as is. So not worried about it, even if toshio does fall for dragon's human form, again its there not here. so yeah* 
*toshio...........being very anti-social after that note jr wrote for him to drake. laying on the sofa cuz in the kitchen the windows are open, in the bed room the windows are open, the living room and such is the only place that doesnt have windows, has his eyes covered with his arm* 
*judian, running arond cleaning up the place* why dont you help?
*toshio* cuz i dont give a shit about your parents, they dont like me
*judian* thats not true, they are coming around
*toshio, moves his arm and looks at him* they only deal with me cuz of you! 
*judian* will you stop! they dont hate you or anything
*toshio* why do you have all the windows open?
*judian* cuz my mom likes the sun just as much as i do....this is how we stay tan all year around
*toshio, shakes his head* is your father coming as well?
*judian, sighs* i dont know, he has been really busy
*toshio* when isnt he busy?
*judian* when i will be king
*toshio* queen?
*judian* either way! sireana is screwing things up all over the place, the dark and light sides are going up now again cuz jr is refusing to help her
*toshio* can you blame him! everytime he goes there she just bitches at hima nd makes his life hard when he is there for business and she makes it personal
*judian* i will make it better one day, just waiting for the right time, even tommy is getting pissed at her
*toshio* tommy?
*judian* my half brother, he is so nice, very anti-social like you and has a wonderful family, he use to be king until dad took over again and then sireana is screwing it up
*toshio* whatever...i dont care we live in the middle of nowhere, as long as people arent trying to build shit up on my place then im fine!
*judian* oh yes over 200 arces of land, i highly doubt they think we live here! 
*toshio, grumbles*
*judian* you should get some sleep before she comes over
*toshio* i dont sleep and you know that
*judian* i really wise i could help you with that
*toshio* kill me then, that will help
*judian, gets a sad look* i cant do that to you
*toshio, gets up* i trained you to be a heartless piece of shit, if i want you to kill me you would and i know you would~!
*judian* please stop! 
*toshio* you would and i know it!!
*judian* Stop it!!!
*toshio, looks at him* you would, you wouldnt even think twice about it, to get rid of me...
*judian, goes into the bed room, closes the windows and curtians* there
*toshio, gets up, ignores judian when he goes in there*
*judian, to the point of tears, hates when he gets like this. he doesnt like it when the parents come over, he gets all weird and all about death and such* toshio?
*toshio, on the other side of the door* what?
*judian* can you clean the bed room?
*toshio, moves away from the door and sits on the edge of the bed*
*judian, slowly walks away and contiunes to clean the house*
*toshio, gripping his one wrist with his nails digging into his skin, blood runs off his wrist and onto the floor, really wishes he could feel pain, and be more loving towards judian. really doesnt know why judian loves him so much. has put that kid through hell with in the past year and half....well coming up on a year and half.......removes his nails from his skin, the blood keeps dripping. raises his hand over his head and flings his arm down and makes the blood splatter on the wall............gets up and sees the mirror, punches it and it shatters all over the place, hasnt seen his reflection in forever it seems. barley knows what he looks like anymore* 
*judian, hears the crash, sighs heavily, knows for a fact it was the mirror, should really hide those things, so tired of having to replace them all the time*
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[11 Sep 2008|09:28pm]
*jean, moving  back into the castle, her and the kids. So evidently khala is divoricing her. He really isnt sure why, but wants to find out himself without ruining her. which didnt help at all with the situation at all. He is going to live with his brothers, which will fuck him up all that much more. and she is moving back in with daddy. the kids and all, so good by pretty house, cars, life in general. Screamed her brains out at khala for all this, cuz he said she hasnt done anything to help him. she has changed her damn gender to make him happy, gave him a house, kids, a whole new life and he had to just fuck it all up. just hating life* 

*gabriel, has been talking to charlie again. she says she didnt mean to do all that. but really cant forgive. besides really likes toby.....laying on his bed*
*Charlie there* so where do we go after this?
*gabriel* well im going to stay with toby, for you i dont know
*charlie* why wouldnt you take me back anyway?
*gabriel* i have issues with what you did to me to start and two just yeah
*charlie* just yeah.....?
*gabriel, sits up* well.....things are better now with toby, im not sure if it was you or me but im happier
*charlie, fester now* sex is better, and just all around happy arent you?
*gabriel, blushes* see this is why im happier with toby, he doesnt make me feel like im worthless
*charlie, shots up from the bed* i gave you everything!!!
*gabriel* a relationship is compromise i have learned that much with toby already, you just took everything from me!
*charlie* fuck you!
*gabriel* no thank you
*charlie, clear out attacks him* your nothing but a little asshole *starts to choke him*
*gabriel, flays around, scratching at her* get off of me!
*charlie, seriously choking him at this point, digging her thumbs into his wind pipe*
*gabriel, makes this gurgling noise, reaches up and grabs her hair, starts to pull*
*charlie, pulling back on her hair, keeps choking him* you dont deserve all that i have given you!
*gabriel, closes his eyes, lets go of her hair, goes limp*
*charlie, lets go and gets off the bed* fucker!
*gabriel, opens his eyes, and gets up, all the suddenly kicks her in the middle of her back*
*chalrie, falls forward on all four* 
*gabriel, kicks her right in the stomach, kicks her right over onto her side, then kicks her in her stomach again* 
*charlie, coughing heavily, trying to catch her breath*
*gabriel* you really are an idiot then....i want you to leave *turns away from her and leaves the room*
*charlie, holding her stomach, breathing heavily and flops over on the floor, crying her eyes out* 
*gabriel, sends on of his fathers demon things to watch her to make sure she doesnt try anything.......of course his first action is to go to toby, so thats what he does*
*toby, doing homework, cuz he is a good little boy trying to make his dysfunctional family happy at this point*
*gabriel, starts to knock on the door.....kinda dancing around cuz of the ardenline rush, and being scared that he just beat the snot out of his ex-gf.....*
*aunt trudy comes to the door* hello?
*gabriel* omg! is toby home? please tell me he is?
*trudy* gabriel do you know what time it is? he is doing his home work for the night
*gabriel* i really need to talk to him right now
*trudy...thinks* well ok, but not for very long
*gabriel, comes inside and runs upstairs and blots into toby's room* omg toby!
*toby, jumps up* what what?........gabriel?
*gabriel, flings himself into his arms* charlie tried to attack me again, i kick the snot out of her, i dont know what to do!
*toby, hugs him* calm down first, why were you even talking to her in the first place, she is a total bitch!
*gabriel, already has bruising showing up on his neck, starts to cry* i thought i could talk to her like a normal person but she proves me wrong again.
*toby, makes gabriel sit down on the bed and just loves up on him to try and make him feel better*
*gabriel keeps crying*

*Sasamu, hehehehe finally got shierly pregnant, she isnt happy with him at all but really wants another kid and with the other two is going to help her all he can with it.*

*culey might actually know who the werewolf might be that is following dad's friend...but needs to know more, but he sounds familiar so yeah* 

*toshio....laying outside in the middle of the "lawn" more like on a dead log in the middle of nowhere, its getting colder up here a lot faster then anywhere else cuz there on the other side of the moutians so yeah. that he knows of judian is working on something up in the attic....just browsing around the area.....but heads back home cuz doesnt like to leave judian alone for too long who knows what he could be getting into* 
*judian, trying to say awake right now......has been dozzing off for a while now after toshio left, without having a job just wants to sleep all the time or have sex so yeah, gets rather depressed when toshio leaves for his job*
*toshio, works his way onto the back porch and inside the house*
*judian, laying on the sofa that is up there, starting to fall asleep pulls the blanket over himself* 
*toshio, looks around in the kitchen and makes his way out to the living room, going up the attic steps and sees judian*
*judian, looks over* oh man
*toshio, confused* what?
*judian...* i was falling asleep
*toshio, comes over to him and kisses him* its fine....i know i never sleep its fine
*judian* but it feels like thats all i do
*toshio* cuz you need a job...
*judian, grumps*
*toshio, puts on arms under his knees and around his shoulders and picks judian up, blanket and all*
*judian, blushes wildly for the fact that toshio, doesnt do this very often.....rest his head on his chest* <3
*toshio, takes him downstairs and into the bed room and lays him down on the bed gently* now strip and get some sleep
*judian, sighs and starts to strip and hands his clothes off to toshio* 
*toshio, takes it and puts it into the lundry basic, before he can even turn around judian is out like a light, sits by the edge of the bed, pets judians hair, really wonders why he even got married, but then again with his social skills, anybody would snatch up someone like this in a heart beat.....kisses his forehead and then leaves the room* 

*gabriel, basically cried himself to sleep*
*toby, talked to his aunt about gabriel staying, still thinks its funny that they think he is a she....but whatever, as long as they dont know....finishing up his homework, feels horrible for gabriel, he has done nothing but good things for everyone around him. almost 2 years of knowing him and he hasnt done anything to harm anyone....sighs heavily*
*gabriel, grumbles alittle and rolls over* 
*toby, all the suddenly notices the bruising on gabriels neck, gets and pulls the blankets down alittle to see how bad it really is and takes a deep breath and walks away. goes over to his desk and closes his books, grabs his shoes and leaves the room, heads down stairs* trudy! im heading out for a moment!
*trudy, huffs and puffs* its coming around 10 pm and your going to leave your girlfriend here all alone?
*toby* she.........is sleeping soundly, she has had a rough day....i just need totalk to angella and shai k?
*trudy, sighs* fine, be back by midnight, its a school night!
*toby, smiles* thank you *puts on his shoes and heads out the door..................knows that charlie is back in town it doesnt take her long to get somewhere, going to find her and fuck her up royally! *
*gabriel oblivious to everything*
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more more yes yes [05 Sep 2008|06:16pm]

*gabriel, over at toby's for once. Hasnt been over to his house since he moved out of his parents house since his last boy toy. he hasnt had a boyfriend since cuz he sure how is aunt reacts to all of it, was intruduced as a girl to his aunt....which he is fine with*
*toby, glad gabriel is ok with this, they are sitting in the living room*
*gabriel, they are listening to the radio...gets up and grabs toby* come on dance with me
*toby* oh no no.....i dont dance
*gabriel, tugs on his arm* please
*toby* i dont dance
*gabriel, keeps tugging at his arm* please! 
*toby, sighs, gets up*
*gabriel, starts to dance* come on its easy
*toby, stands there* i dont dance
*gabriel* oh come on......*takes his hands and makes him move*
toby, moves....just blah about it*
*gabriel, rubs up against him* dance?
*toby, just looks at him* where did you learn how to do that?
*gabriel* its easy *starts to dance all dirty for him*
*toby, starts to blush* what is my aunt comes in here?
*gabriel, keeps doing it, then pushes him on the sofa and gets into his lap*
*toby, breathes, puts his arms around him, goes to kiss him*
*aunt trudy, walks in* oh....geez sorry you two.......*turns around*
*gabriel, jumps out of his lap, sits next to toby* sorry
*toby* sorry trudy......
*trudy* .....well um......dinner is in the process....so yeah
*toby, grabs gabriels hand* then we will go up stairs, how long?
*trudy* like 20 mintues
*toby, doesnt look at her takes gabriel upstairs, gets up there and kinda pushes him on the bed*
*gabriel, just looks at him* you start, dont think i wont finish it
*toby, blinks* i didnt mean to....
*gabriel, grabs him and pulls him ontop of him and kisses him*
*toby, happy, stops for a second*  can i this time, cuz the first time and second time ya know
*gabriel* now that were in a room, with a homophobic family, why not?
*toby, sighs* when will you let me?
*gabriel* when i feel its right........
*toby* and when is that?
*gabriel, sighs, rolls over and pins him down on the bed, then gets up and locks the door to his room* how about now?
*toby, smiles*

*sasamu, so getting the room ready for gabriel again. According to gabriel he isnt going to give up to charlie cuz of her mood swings. so he is moving back in with him. totally fine with it, just hopes charlie isnt going to hunt him or anyone in this family down cuz she will end up dead, knows for a fact that dragon kicked the stupid bitch out. She is back in town and all but not sure about all of this. has a feeling she is going to go after gabriel again. and again nobody knows why she did this, at all. but whatever....the girl had it coming* 

*cresma, back at the castle not just to meet this dragon guy that dad is dating but also has found out that her life is extremely lonely. He never really got along with any of his siblings cuz they put him down about the sex change but congrat jean when she did her's but not for him. just doesnt understand. but has been helping dad at the resturant as well*

*jean, so her father is forcing her and khala to get help for their relationship......really hates all this. just wants to know why khala is acting like this again. right now back at home. sadly khala has been staying with his brothers. those fuckers tried to rape her on their wedding day. yeah just doesnt like them! sure they are feeding khala totally bullshit. loves khala, loves him dearly. just hopes this doesnt end badly. not sure what she would tell violet or their son, Sean.....geez doesnt now what to do. there is no sleep now. doesnt work that much. has been trying to get back into cars but no one will higher a woman...which is total shit. her cousin has her own body shop and so on. but they have enough workers there. wish she never left would have still had a job. feels so useless without a job. sighs heavily down stairs in the spare room. has been spending alot of her room in there since khala has been staying at his brothers*

*khala, rather dead to the world. his brothers keep telling him to leave her and live with them and all the girls that come and go. being the youngest child in his family and finding out what happen with his mother and his father and his only sister. which is was jeans family that killed her cuz of the shit she was saying but it is true, it would explain why he is so crazy. more of wants to find his father, knows for a fact that his mother is dead.not so much worried about jean right now, not really sure why, wondering if he still loves her at this point*

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[02 Sep 2008|10:07pm]
*toshio finished judians present a few days ago, had fallen asleep on the sofa afterwards* 
*judian, was so over joyed about all of it, watering all of them right now before he crashes for the night....*
*toshio, happy watching him run around seeing how many he can water before he starts to forget which ones he has watered*

*gabriel, so already bitched at toby, cuz he called him gab today and hates that name! *
*toby, sob didnt know.....well anyway since him and gabriel have different classes dont really see either other that much except after school. Which is very nice to see him after school. geez didnt know gabriel was so passive. saw charlie today in school, had this weird feeling that she hates him now, like she knows. nobody has said anything at all. *
*charlie, hating life right now*
*shai, oblivious to all of it*
*gabriel still has all the girls following him, more then ever knowing that him and charlie broke up*
*girls and some guys flocking after him like usual* 
*gabriel loves it to a point*
*toby, doesnt like the girls following him but will deal until gabriel is ready, will be graduating this year.....its feels akward at times cuz he is turning 18 and gabriel is 15 but he seems so much older for his age. but oh well if everything is ok with gabriel then i guess everything will be ok*

*toshio, helping judian clean alittle before he goes to sleep. Finds this funny, this is the longest judian has actually stayed up with him*
*judian, tiring out at this point. sits on the sofa, starts to doze off*
*toshio, just smiles and leaves him there*

*omi, has sent out the invitation for his wedding. finds this extremely akward cuz jacob things its nasassary for that paper work to say they are in love and blah blah blah, hates all of this stuff. they are living with each other right now, have an adopted daughter and everything!! just doesnt understand, right now has melinda dying his hair* 
*melinda* i dont know why you dye your hair all the time, your going to kill it
*omi, just gives her this look*
*melinda* you shouldnt give me dirty looks, i have you by your hair
*omi, smiles*  -kinky much?-
*melinda, rolls her eyes, if anybody knows her father, they will know he is a mute and uses ESP to talk to people...thinksi ts the coolest thing ever, she starts to roll his hair up and clips it up* why do you keep your hair so long?
*omi* -oh please, brings back my boyish charm-
*melinda* please if it werent for jacob i would think its creepy a man adopting a girl that is about what 7 years off from his age
*omi, sticks out his tongue* -you enjoy your life here-
*melinda, smiles* yes i do...that needs to stay in for about 25 minutes for it to set right, what color is it this time?
*omi,smiles again* - going for a dark red, and then some black high lights-
*melinda* with my help again?
*omi* -of course, you should get a career in all this. your wonderful at it-
*melinda* oh dont remind me, i know i will be graduating soon, i dont want to think about that
*omi* -what about you and kuma, remember what he said-
*melinda, pulls her gloves off* i know, he has been with me since we were 14 turning 18, trying to figure out who i am in the world and he wants to sweep me off my feet and marry me, make me an official metallium wife............but i have my doubts...it runs through my head all the time
*omi* -is this right? do i really need someone at this age? what does this paper do to my life? what about kids? what if i met someone else? on and on, i know these thoughts when i met jacob. i worried all the time, but i know he is the one for me-
*melinda* yeah...i just dont know what to do...
*omi* - i cant give you that answer.....if i was a cute little thing like you and been through all that you have, i would jump into his arms and except it.....cuz there will be no one else out there as caring as kuma-
*melinda* i know the only thing is that *blushes* he has such a low sex drive and all....
*omi* -you cant let that slow you down in life.....but again its not my choice is it-
*melinda* no....but i know he is going to ask soon, and i just dont know..............*looks at the time* oh we need to wash out the hair dye *grabs him and dunks his head in the sink and starts the water*
*omi, takes a dive, holds onto the side of the tank*
*melinda, washing out the hair dye* oh my i think this came out way more on the bright side *keeps washing out, damn his long hair* 
*omi* ><
*melinda, gets all of it out* oh boy
*omi, looks up at the mirror...........* -its interesting but wow that is like red-
*melinda* im sorry your hair being silver.....it takes color differently i havent gotten it down yet
*omi, messes with it* -well its definatly different, job welll done- 
*melinda* but but
*omi* -oh please its raving, dont you think?-
*melinda* manic...........
*omi* -it looks good-
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